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Thank you James for your excellent work at our house. Your unique technique for the house was successful. Good luck with your future company plans. -Robert

I have been dealing with those troublesome mice for years, 14 with exterminators.Your new technology with mice works, it has been very successful. -Carrie

We have had five infestations in our home in the past. Since you performed an exclusion on my home, we haven't heard or seen anything. I have recommended you to everyone I know. You do such an excellent job keeping the mice away. -Connie

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Green Mouse Guard is about excluding rodents from your home or business. Rodents will not be able to enter and exit daily anymore.We do this the GREEN way by not using chemicals & not poisoning the rodents. We Mouse-proof them out. This process "gets to the root of the problem" . Using chemicals only kills the rodent but doesn't solve your Problem. Therefore, "Mouse-Proofing" solves the problem, without using all the harmful chemicals or poisons. 

EXCLUSION is the #1 way to keep rodents out of your home or business!

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    • Results are excellent!
    • "We Fix the Problem"
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Mice are born everyday in litters of 7-9 worldwide!Click for the BBB Business Review of this Pest Control Services in Enfield CT

An Exclusion will keep them out so you don't need poison!

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"We fix the problem."

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