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* See our Letters of Recommendation below *
  • Green Mouse Guard has originated out of Granby, Ct. As a past exterminator of 15 years and at ground level with wild mice,            "A New Technology" of prevention has been developed.
  • It's called,"Getting to the Root of the Problem". and "Fixing the Problem".
  • Stopping mice before they get in.
  • Better known as "Mouse Proofing".
  • Mouse Proofing is a Green Process by which we, "Stop the Mice".
  • Mouse Proofing is usually a One Time Treatment. " We Fix the Problem"
  • In most cases, it is cheaper to do the one time Green Mouse Proofing Treatment than to pay another company to place harmful chemicals in your home or business year after year.
  • Mouse Proofing is the wave of the Future & Eco-friendly. 
  • Mouse Proofing is 98% successful.
  • Rodent control now, is using poison to kill mice, some of the dead mice possibly expiring in the walls of your dwelling.
  • This creates a dead body smell which adds to further problems in your home including flies. 
  • Poisoning Will Never Fix your on going mouse problem. "We Fix The Problem"                                                                                                                                                                 "We are Dedicated to Excellence."

Read through our Letters of Recommendation...

I'm so proud of you and the start of your company. I couldn't believe you filled every crack and crevice in. Thank you for your patience with the job. I recommend this to everyone. -Ann D.

Jim, I have been mice free 5 years now.Thanks to your Exclusion. You were so thorough. Jim continues to follow up with me from time to time, which I'm full of confidence that he stands behind his work and I can be assured of no more future problems. Thanks -Wayne R.

It was nice seeing you yesterday.It reminded me I never thanked you for such a great job. You came and systematically inspected inside and out. You found all the defects and fixed them. No more mice. We haven't seen one since that day, years ago. GO SOX. -Robert

Since you did your job on our house. I have not seen one of those nasty little creatures. Thank you Jim for being so diligent. -Mariah

We had a large mouse problem. Jim did an exclusion on our house. Today we don't have a problem. We highly recommend Jim's service for mice problems. -Erika

I had mouse problems for years and years. I finally tried the exclusion. I was amazed. I don't have anymore mice. I highly recommend Jim to everybody I know who has mice. Thanks Jim -Tammy

We highly recommend Jim Blanchard's process. We constantly, for years, dealt with the noises and poison and the smell. After Jim did his exclusion on our home, we haven't seen, heard or smelled anything. We don't have a problem anymore, it really works. -Sheila and Phil

Jim did an exclusion on our house. What a difference it made on our house. He's a professional man who knows what he is doing & I recommend him highly. -Janice

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"We fix the problem."

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