From The Owner

To you:

           Our Customer,

How Logical is this?

  1. You have a Mouse Problem?
  2. You put Poison in your home year after year?
  3. Your Problem continues every year?
  4. "Your Mouse Problem will never end".
  5.  "We Fix Your Problem".
  6. Mouse Proof NOW !

"Green Mouse Guard" can "Fix your Problem" with a one-time service. Wild mice will live outside in the warm weather,

  but "Move Into Your Home in the cold weather".

Although your not hearing the mice in your walls now, the wild mice know how to get in.

  "Fixing your Problem Now", can stop mice from moving into your home in the cold weather, again.

Call "Green Mouse Guard" to schedule an appointment so the mice don't take over your home again next winter.

Now is the time to "Mouse-Proof" while the mice are outside. An exclusion or as you all know it, a "Mouse-Proofing", " is your only Solution".

   James Blanchard


An additional service has been added to our mouse proofing process. Green Mouse Guard now replaces garage door weather-stripping.

Mice penetrate old and worn weather-strips. They will nest in your garage and vehicles.

Call now and make an appointment to replace those old and stiff weather-strips. #860-519-3680


Thank you, Green Mouse Guard

"We fix the problem."

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